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Common - Be

OK, so Common is finally back on the music scene with his new album, BE. Hopefully, Common has learned how to BE a hip hop artist again and is done with those rump shaking sandals he's been strutting around in.

Now, I'm all for people finding their own way, but once you put out your first CD, you're mine, so no changing it up, unless it's for the tougher.

Be (Intro)
Ok, an intro. This is a good sign. Now, don't get me wrong, intros are a waste of time. I mean, shit. I knew what I was getting into when I bought the cd, so I don't need the prep course. BUT, since 98% of all hip hop albums kick off this way, I think I can finally expect some much-needed rap from Common. Lets find out...

Well...the first 20 secs or so of this are gonna bother the shit out of you unless you're a massive Count Basie fan. But don't fret. Common gets right into the groove with a sweet 2005, non-jazz beat. Also, he shouts out Malcolm X, which makes me wanna teach these Snyders a lesson. Thanks for the inspiration.

Note: Common stated: "Drunk nights, get remembered more than sober ones." Hot line.

The Corner
First single right here and I can't front. Shit is hot, minus the chi town pimp/preacher that tells me all about the corner of Common's fake neighborhood. Clearly, any dude from a serious Chi-town intersection wouldn't be caught dead wearing those gay hats Common has made famous. More likely, this is about the corner that Common used when pestering hood residents with his vegan literature.

With this title, Common is instructing us to do something at the count of 3. Not sure what yet. Maybe, Go natural! Or, Go meditate! I'm not sure, but I know one thing, going anywhere with Common will probably end in a lecture, which blows. Also, this jam features John Mayer, which is sooo uncornerlike. [pressing play...]

Whoa, geezus...slow the beat down a bit, please. If you have this on wax, move that little ancient lever down a notch or two and you'll have yourself a pretty cool song.

Apparently, John Mayer gets paid for doing absolutely nothing, while Common picks all the cotton on this song. If you can find his contribution to this jam, shoot me an email.

Hmm...the title of this song is either about Common's career-ruining relationship with Erykah Badu or his dedication to green veggies. Let's find out. [pressing play...]

Shit yea. Hot beat right here. For some reason, Common employs both John Legend and Bilal on this one. Why he needs two male vocalists is bizarre to me, or maybe just gay.

Veggies or Head Wrap Love, you wonder? Well, my time in the joint has made me pretty immune to sissy talk, but I think this song is about being honest to your lady, which is totally unacceptable in hip hop.

Note: Com hates on Eric Benet, which is tough. Hells yea!

Now, I think testifying in court is for lame-o's, but I'm gonna try to set my personal opinions aside for one reason only. Kanye "preppie" West, produced this track, which might suggest that it's about dancing around for Jesus, which seems to be really "in" right now.

Actually, this is about snitches, so I'm skipping to the next song. The lackluster beat and stupid sample on the song-long hook make it an easy move.

Love Is...
Love is? C'mon, man...when did hip hop become country music? I can't take all this love talk.

News Flash -- "Common, People don't listen to lyrics anymore." If you haven't noticed, Lil Flip rules the charts. Not that I wouldn't punch Flip in his platinum teeth if I met him, but shit, I cant even follow all the verbiage Comment is flippin on this one.

Decent beat though.

Chi City
Righteous! A song about the city. That is, unless Common misspelled the word, "shy", which is totally possible. If titles mean anything nowadays, I expect to be rolling over potholes to this hot, hood soundtrack. Lets see.

Hmm...good try Common, but I sold my 88 Fiero a long time ago. This song is very 90'ish. The credits say Gay West produced this in 2005, but my spidey senses tell me this song is from the Tang days. I hope Kanye cut Pete Rock a check, or at least sent him a sweater for this throwback beat. Also, Common's rhymes are wackadocious on this one.

Worst line of the album: "I'm back, like a chiropractor."

The Food
OK, sometimes I read too much into titles, but, fuck it...I will put a well-done burger on the line if I'm wrong about this one. I'm expecting Comment to bother me about a multitude of things on this tune, but mainly the chicken industry, which I prefer to believe is a tasty gift from God. I shouldn't even listen to this.

Ok, well, no Purdue talk, which is a relief, but he did let Kan-gay (whom sucks super nuts) rock the mic on this live performance from the Dave Chappelle Show. Actually, if you ask me, Kanye West is the only flesh that should be banned from distribution.

Real People
LOL...the beginning of this song sounds just like the Price is Right. I swear to Rick James, Bob Barker had a hand in showcasing this beat.

They Say...
They say that chicken is awesome, that's what they say.

Whoa, Communist said the word "nigga." Fucking awesome hip hop terminology. LOL...listen to Kanye "tampax" West's verse on here. He finishes his lines with some kinda anti-man pitch. This song isn't really all that fresh

Note: Kanye says, "It's ok for gangstas to wear sandals." -- NO, IT'S NOT!

It's Your World (Part 1 & 2)
I imagine that a lot of dudes I would never hang out with will love this song. I mean, it's fine. Not overly Liberace, or anything, but not tough either. Too many lyrics. I don't even know what Comment is talking about.

Don't forget to stay tuned to the 4:00ish mark, because Com has Pt. 2 waiting for you. Actually, don't stay tuned. On second thought, I would suggest just avoiding Pt. 2. It's just some dude lecturing you on life and the world. The nerve of this know-it-all telling me how to treat people. I'd like to see what this dude was doing last Friday night before I start accepting advice from him. But maybe that's just me.

Listen to this if you were raised by wolves or don't know your dad.

Well, that's the album. With only 8 tracks, 1 live performance, and an intro, this album was short on both, minutes and nuts. Now, pardon me for snatching you out of the matrix, but I just stumbled across a coded message from Communist. Add up all the song titles and see what you get. Well, Ill just save you the misery and show you.

Listen up:
Be the corner. Go faithful and Testify that love is, Chi City. The food and real people...They say, "It's your world."

Did you catch that? Holy zucchini! What he is saying is:

Embody the hood. Be honest and admit that love is synanomous with Chicago. The windy city cuisine and residents remind you that the earth is in the palm of your hand.

That's so rad!

4 out of 5

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