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Amember - To recall something. Like this, maybe..."I have to amember to stop forgetting my umbrella in restaurants." Got it? Good.

B.M. - Now, I know what ya'll are thinking, you nasty summumabitches. But, you're wrong. B.M. does not stand for Bowel Movement...nor does it stand for Butt Muck. BM in Bobby Talk stands for Baby Mama, or in my case, Bastard's Mama. My B.M.'s name is Stormy, and she's a total bitch on wheels.

Baltimore - Shithole.

Basically, you can call any shitty place or situation you've ever been in, Baltimore. Fallujah, an AIDS clinic, and a Detroit Lions home game all would apply.

Beaches - Bitches I respect.

Bligger - A Bligger is simply what I would call a black wigger (see below). A bligger is a black person that acts like a white person that acts like a black person. These types tend to overuse BET, white chicks, and the hell yea/fuck you nutgrab.

Example - Xhibit.

Bumrush - To most mainstreamers, bumrush, is a word used to describe a mad dash towards something. Like a bar, perhaps, at the buzz-killing announcment of 'Last Call'. But in Bobby Talk, Bumrush means something...hmm, how do I say...more faggish, I guess.

Bumrush, more appropriately describes the forceful, swift, and unwanted approach towards a man's anus. This action is known to take place in the Jig House, Tijuana, and parts of DC.

Bus Stop - Bus Stop is my homie from the streets. We've been close since the Trapper Keeper days. I'll admit, he tends to be more nice than smart, and more hungry than clean, but still...that's my dog.

Cereal - What??? -- Um, only the best fucking food ever made! Honestly...I Love Cereals so so much. Like sometimes...I dont know...maybe a little too much.

D.M. (Dance Machine) - A term referring to a member of the Black race. To be considered a DM, there must be an assumption that the individual can dance, if he/she so chose, or perform an act of equal task, such as hopping a fence or keylessly starting a car. Tiger Woo, for instance, would not be considered a DM.

Duece - Um, well...I think it's the French word for two, or something. But, more importantly, it's the hood I bang 24/7.

Feather Americans - You can give thanks to these people for the roller coasters you love to ride. Well, not really, but kinda. F.A.'s are the indigenous people of North America. I allot them the utmost respect for allowing head choppers to make way for amusement parks, hot dog stands, and baseball hats.

Hindots - For those that don't know, Hindots are the sandal-friendly people from the Indian country, India. I really respect the Hindot culture, mainly because they invented the Tiger, which is the second most awesome cat in history, but also because of the way they curry themselves. Even though they speaka that funny sounding english, they never ever cause any trouble the way other immigranted aliens do. That's awesome.

Also, Hindots wear those hats indoors, outdoors...spring, summer, winter, and fall. I think it's bad-ass to do that.

Hoird - Acting hard. Souf Central style.

Homosessual - The ultimate of homos

Incognegro - One of those hard to find, type of negroes. You know them...they were there on minute, but gone the next. These types usually owe you money or went bald. Example - MC Hammer's hypeman, Too Big MC, would be considered one hell of an incognegro.

Jackson - Any member of the Black race.

Jig House - Prison a.k.a. the can, the beast, the bing, the clink, the chocolate factory, sausage camp, fight club, Detroit, gladiator school, Baltimore, and jail.

Lay-Up - A Lay-Up is what most would call an easy, unpaid, untaped, probably never-to-be-discovered porn star chick. Like in basketball, a Lay-Up requires little skill, virtually no game, and no reason to celebrate.

About 87% of the honeys I've slayed have been Lay Ups, which is why I downgrade the number of women I've been with to 6.

Playing the Poke n' Stroke - Doing time.

No Homo - A disclaimer attached to the acknowledgement of saying something fruity. Example - "Yo dog, Im really feeling 50 Cent right now. He is hard as hell! -- No Homo" or "No Homo, I could really go for hot dog right now"

O'beasts - Fat folk.

Outside - Sadly, outside is where most blacks, like myself, are going to die. I have done no research to support this claim, but I know from loads of experience that outside is pretty much death row for Jacksons. Again, I haven't done any studies, but I'm pretty sure it's a fact that, almost always, Snyders die in buildings. Not blacks.

Ridonkulous - Fucking Ridiculous

SanchezConchitaRamirez - Latino

Simpleton - Simpleton's real name is Darnell. As one of my tightest boys from the block, he is like my brother from another mother. Actually, there is a rumor that he is my brother from another mother. Here is what we know: Both of our dads went by the street name, Spin Move, and later, crackishly died during drug research.

Here is where it gets tough: For whatever reason, Simpleton can't amember his father's real name. So, as you can imagine, it's been difficult to confirm the relation. Either way, Simp is my homie for life.

Snyders - White Folk

Note: The white boys in prison suck big time. In the beast, them assholes controlled all the balls. Basketballs, soccer balls, all that. Sometimes, I would get so upset, only a game of Air Hoops could calm me down. I would just go out there and air-shoot for hours to relax.

Souf Central - Um, only the roughest, toughest hood this side of Jupiter, muh'fuckas. Sure, there are other shit holes around; Bobby Brown is proof of that, but nothing even comes close to the level of crippin and gangsterness going on around here.

Sumo'an - The term Sumo'an is a bit of a hybrid. Derived from the words, Sumo and Samoan, I invented it to describe only the biggest of bitches. You know them, The cup cake crowd.The O'beast. Example - Star Jones

Suspicksious - The distrust and/or fear of Messicans.

Me to Darnell: Man, someone stole my caps.
Darnell: Your what?
Me: My hubs, nigga!
Darnell: What are you talking about?
Me: My wheels!
Darnell: Oh, you mean your rims??
Me: Naw, man...they ain't rims. They like, lids or something.
Darnell: Oh, your Hubcaps...
Me: Yea, man...someone stole my hubcaps. I suspick it was Oscar

You see? Ocsar was Suspicksious.

Swayze - I'm ghost. You ain't seeing me no more. Im outta here. I'm gone. I'm up, bitches

Messican - Cheech, Salma Hayak, and probably J Lo

Note: Messicans can be real shit heads. Not all Messicans--just the ones you meet in jail. They try to control everything, like how much milk you can have and whether or not you get a shitty tattoo. And, be careful, because if you dont watch your asshole, they'll try to touch it. Also, they always seem to speaka the spanish when blacks are around. I think it's racist to do that.

Pirate - Short for Ass or Butt Pirate. The desire, regret or realization of one man touching another man's johnson.

Prostidude - A prostidude is any man that would prefer action from a man rather than a sexy, or even Sumo'an chick. Liberace was clearly the greatest and grandest prostidude in the bidness, but prostidudes can take on much more subtle forms. Perfect example - Usher

Wang - A member of the Asian race. Example - "I'm not sure, but I think Amerie is half Wang"

Wham - See Pirate or Prostidude.

Wigger - Wigger is a term that whites use to describe other whites that have completely lost their freaking, forking minds. These kinds of white people are known for their adoption of Jackson styles, slang, and mannerisms, but conveniently without suffering the trials and tribulations associated with slavery, crack rocks, and hypertensive diabetes.

In addition, the term wigger is also the prelude to a bare-fisted, closed-handed, karate chop from any Jackson with a mentality like mine. I don't play indirect nigger callings.

Synonyms: Wafricans, Wamaicans, Wegros, and Wacksons.

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